We like to provide everybody with a sheet that suits their personal need and requirement, for this reason we offer our customers a wide variety of profiles suitable for every job. Click on the PDF file to be forwarded to the specification sheet of that profile.


J1000 is our most popular profile, which can be used for domestic, commercial, agricultural or industrial uses


S1000 is the ideal profile for any side cladding uses.


23/1000 is suited for either roof or wall application.

R35 (IP1000)

R35 (IP1000) can be used for both roof and wall, but is also popular for overcladding composite roof panels.


21/1000 is our latest profile addition and is best suited for interior linings of buildings, domestic and commercial applications.


Our 60mm decking sheet can be used between floor levels, also as grain walling for agricultural buildings.


C/990 (3 inch) standard corrigated profile is ideal for farm buildings or any application where it is needed to be in keeping with surrounding environment.


With our latest CNC curving machine, we are able to offer virtually any radius (3 inch) corrugated sheet to suit dutch barns, pig arches and silos.


We always carry large stocks of Big 6 fibre cement sheets and accessories


Jacksons pantile sheet has a wide use of applications; conservatories, stables, static caravans, garages, farm buildings and office blocks.

Plastic coated PVF2, Polyester paint finish, Galvanised Aluminium

Choice of Gauges and cover widths

Wide range of colours to choose from

Tile Sheets

Insulated panels

Corrugated roofing sheets

Sealants, fillers

Flat sheet from 6x4 to 20x4


Z purlins eavesbeams

Lining panels

Gutter systems

GRP rooflights


Condensation Control

We can supply our single skin roof sheets with an anti-condensation felt applied to the underside of the roof sheets. This is an economical way of dealing with condensation and is tried and tested.

Available for all of our box profiles.

Roof panels with our anti-condensation felt trap moisture in specially designed pockets in the membrane. These pockets hold the moisture until the suitable conditions are sustained and is is then released back into the air.

We will apply the anti-condensation felt to the panels for you, and therefore arrives at the site ready for the panels to be installed, saving you time and money on the installation process. The felt provides an extra layer of protection to your panels.