Jackson's Roof- Tile panels are right for every kind of roof. The ideal solution

For both aesthetic and practical reasons, Jackson's rooftile panels are extremely suitable for new roofs.

Moreover, thanks to the lightness of the panels, it is possible to use a lighter and therefore much cheaper roof-support structure.

For the renovation of old roofs, roof-tile panels are the ideal solution. In most cases there is even no need to remove the old roof covering.

This can help save considerably on demolition and dumping costs. Furthermore, the insulating effect of the old roof covering is retained.

Because they are delivered made-to-measure, the roof-tile panels can be mounted quickly and simply.

They are fixed in place with self-tapping screws in the hollow of each roof tile. The screws are the same colour as the tiles. You can easily install the roof-tile panels yourself; no specialist equipment is required

Range of Colours

Goosewing Grey
Merlin Grey
Olive Green
Van Dyke Brown
Anthracite Grey
Juniper Green
Also with Anti Condensation backing